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Flex-eel ™

The Flex-eel ™ is a fly fishing fly that was developed in 2007 by Tom Crawford of Scorton Creek Tackle which is located on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Cape Cod is a famous Striped bass fishery and one of their favorite foods is the sand eel. This being the case, many fly tiers have made sand eel imitations. The Flex-eel ™ unlike the others looks just like a sand eel in the water and can be adjusted to move like a sand eel. Its construction makes it more resistant to the sharp teeth and bony jaws of targeted fish. Unlike big flies with floppy feathers and other tying material, the Flex-eel ™ does not tangle easily when casting. Also, the ability to "flex it and shape it" is a big advantage. Often a slight adjustment can change the swimming motion of the lure which brings that strike you are waiting for. The Flex-eel ™ comes in a number or sizes and colors in both the form of a fly and a jig. The Flex-eel™ is the closest thing you can get to a sandeel. As pictured on the brochure, the fly can be fished as a teaser or an umbrella rig. Spin fishermen can cast the fly using a weight or casting bobber. Its use in fresh water should not be overlooked. It has proved to be successful on trout, bass, pike, walleyes, and pickerel. See our products page for details. Please contact us for custom made products. See brochure below.
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